Synergy Track


 Synergy Track – Is designed to solve the problem of efficiently recovering the costs associated  with Postage, courier and delivery.  No other method does the job as cost effectively as Synergy Track. Increase your expenses recovered and reduce staff time consumed by over 20% ,resulting in an average ROI of less than 6 weeks



380 w unit cleanedSynergy Track is an automatic cost recovery solution designed specifically for Law Firms, handling all the unique tasks related to mail, courier, and runner for the legal industry. It will dramatically increase your firm’s efficiency and cost recovery related to mail and courier expenses

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Key Benefits

Key Benefits to Synergy Track

1. Simple deployment as we use standard macros to enable automatic cost      recovery back to the client file.

2. Enables user to quickly capture all costs associated with mail, courier, and    delivery.

3. Works with all mailing systems and existing infrastructure .

4. With the click of a button you can easily upload all details for cost recovery.

5. Creating the envelope automatically converts the client/matter number to a readable barcode.

6. Can emulate Copitrac, Equitrac, Billback to automate the billing upload.

7. Tracks your Registered Mail,  with one click you can have the proof of service.



Ease of use, durability and flexibility are critical to mobile workers.  The 380 W delivers it all with Windows CE 6.0 , advanced barcode scanning, robust WLAN communication and long battery life.  It features the latest, most powerful Freescale processor and double data rate (DDR) memory, making it faster than other devices in its class.  And the 380W devices are the only products in the rugged mobile computing category that weigh less than 10 ounces and have a full 3.5″ display.