Synergy Tools Help

Synergy Tools Setup

1)  Setup your default path to your client documents.  Click “File”, “Settings”, “Default Path”.  Browse to or type in the path to where you normally go to find your client document folders.  Synergy Tools will then open to this folder by default. The up arrow in the left of the tool bar will take you up in the file structure and the home icon will take you back to the default location.

2)  Setup your signature.  Scan a document that has your written signature on it.  The size of your signature should be relatively close to a standard signature on a document.  Open the scanned document so you can see your signature on the screen.  Then click “File”, “Settings”, “Setup Signature”.  Click the button “Capture from Screen” then move and resize capture window so you can see your signature within the window and click “Capture”. Close the setup signature window.